Learn Mokuhanga - Japanese Woodblock Printing


 Learn Mokuhanga - Japanese Woodblock Printing



Make traditional or contemporary woodblock prints using the amazing Japanese water-based woodblock print technique..."Mokuhanga"

  • Easy to fit in to your schedule - choose a course that suits you

  • Develop skills in a new print media

  • Connect with Japanese Art & Culture

  • Easy to learn - make a print even if you are a complete beginner

  • Interesting and casual social atmosphere - relax and enjoy the learning experience

  • Immediate start - get started on your own project and idea on the first lesson

  • Ongoing skill - work at home on your own with simple equipment

  • Understand how these fantastic prints were made in the past



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   Formerly The Australian Mokuhanga School, we are now based in Karuizawa, Japan and return regularly to Australia and New Zealand to take workshops....


Mokuhanga is for Everyone

You don't need to be a professional Artist to learn and enjoy mokuhanga. Anyone can learn and enjoy the fulfilling experience of producing their own original woodblock print.

In Japan people from all walks of life have learnt and still make mokuhanga for their own enjoyment, from schoolchildren, to hobbyists, to professional artists.


The traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique is highly versatile, environmentally friendly and inherently beautiful. In our courses you will learn to create your own multi-colour, multi-block print using the traditional registration system and carving and printing techniques. Try out and learn about the beautifully crafted tools and equipment of this historic tecnique.

Mokuhanga is also a diverse and flexible medium for professional artists to add to their skills or even to focus on as a professional printmaker. We believe it should be the medium of choice for eco-conscious printmakers throughout the world and we want to share our knowledge with Australia's creative people through our school and courses.





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